Huktra Drivers Corner
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Drivers Webportal

The new portal has all previous functions, however it was designed for both PC browser and smartphone usage. We are building on new screens to upload more data, have more flexibility.

The basic idea is still to use the website on a wide computer screen, but we will build new functions that will be handy on your smartphone too. Do let us know if you have any ideas !  

Latest changes

* From the overview, you will always be redirected to the JOB screen first.

* From the JOB screen, you can click on Drivers info to fill out demurrage, time slots,...

* After uploading the Customs document, the MRN will be scanned and filled out automatically !

* From now on, it is possible to upload your invoices via the website. Simply connect Your invoice with our TP reference.

H.Essers website

Huktra, now part of the H.Essers Liquid Bulk Division of the H.Essers Transport Company. Have a look at the H.Essers website.

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